48 hour short film!

Ok people, several weeks ago some buddies and I entered the 48 hours film festival. The goal was to create a short 7min film in the space of 48hrs. We get assigned a genre (in our case family movie), a character (Alex puddle), a prop (a rock) and the a peice of dialoge (“It doesnt fit!”). Well we can finally show it to the public since the competition finished. We were one of the smallest teams (5 people) and I ended up filming all of it but to our suprise in the Dunedin region we made it into the finals and won best script and best actress (go Sophie!). So without adue I present Coffee!


4 thoughts on “48 hour short film!

  1. Travers says:

    Hi Stephen. I have just read a bio about you in the School newsletter. It is absolutely great to see that you have made such good use of your Biology, and hopefully that your films will continue to inspire future biologists. I am very proud of you and your achievements.
    Jean Travers

  2. sarah langford says:

    Ha Steve I found a link on your facebook page, watched this, was really good! Made me laugh on my shift at work, so always a bonus. xx

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