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Hey all, my lovely lady of mine is trying to win her dream photography assignment on a online voting website. Her assignment is as follows

A Global Transect

A global transect along a longitudinal line, documenting Earth’s diversity of flora and fauna, people and places, and everything in between and beyond!

The fascinating beauty of life on Planet Earth stems from the roots of biodiversity. As a biologist in training, this uniqueness of people, cultures, organisms, locations, and everything in between is absolutely fascinating to me! From global climate change issues and statistics regarding habitat and species loss increasing daily to new technologies invented and structures erected, our world is in constant change. Documentation and preservation is key to understanding change and the success of life as we know it to future generations.

Applying a scientific field sampling method, my dream assignment would be to create a transect line and collect data along it by way of photo-quadrats, but on a global scale! The transect line would be one of Earth’s longitudinal lines, and the quadrats would represent my locations of photo-documentation along the line.

Along a longitudinal line, diversity ranges with factors like the seasons, as they are opposite in the northern and southern hemispheres at any point in time, and with climates, in and among regions and geographical features. There will be species diversity of flora and fauna within these regions and locations along the longitudinal line, as well as diversity amongst human beings and their inventions and creations to happily live in these locations. I plan to view all these factors and more through the lens of a camera.

Sticking with the diversity theme, though my shooting will be primarily digital, photos will also be taken with 35mm and 120mm film cameras, to enhance the complete photographic experience.

Cheers for sharing my dream, and thanks for your vote!

So please sign up and vote for her asap!

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