Robert Brown

I tend to take my camera with me everywhere (much to my friend’s dislike sometimes!), you never know when inspiration will hit you like a ton of bricks! Anyway here is a snap I took of our camera skills teacher Robert Brown when on a field trip a couple of weeks ago. Enjoy¬†


People on the street

Hey there cyberspace, here is some more photos taken the other day during one of my many walks around Dunedin. The good news is if I ever get of my fat butt, my website will soon be up and operational! Also there are rumors of a exhibition floating around my mind and once I figure out the logistics then I’ll will let you all know! As for now enjoy!


Dunedin streets

I have been somewhat slack lately. I’m on holiday at the moment so I’m catchin up on my sleep that I miss thanks to university. Anyway here are a few shots I did the other day while walking around the streets of Dunedin. Hope you all enjoy

PS If anyone has any good ideas for future photo projects give me a buzz!