Busker in the street

Photo of a busker, once again Steve not looking through the viewfinder but I think it looks somewhat cool. Enjoy!


Medium format is back!

several months ago i got somewhat jaded by my ‘beast’ of a medium format camera (mamiya C330) so I traded it in for something a bit smaller and compact. Im now a proud owner of a lovely Rollei Automat and thanks to the folks at freestyle US I have the film I need!

Hopefully there will be more to come, enjoy!

New video!!! Fur seals and Ska


Haven’t posted for a while so I thought I better do an update. Last week we went out on a field trip to film some NZ fur seals. I spent most of the time on my bum, scurrying around in the dirt, trying my hardest not to scare the seals away. This is the result of that day and just like my last video i thought i would put some fairly inappropriate music to go with it….enjoy!

Filming Sealions!

My work is not just black and white still photography. This year I am lucky enough to be part of first Masters degree in Natural History Film-making at Otago Uni. The course is great, and we get hands on experience from NHNZ. This footage was the result of our first fieldtrip. Hope you enjoy!

Race Day!

Continuing on from my harness racing project, I was lucky enough to be invited to the April 24th Race day. I should say night because by the time I got there it was pretty dark, which was great since I didn’t have a flash! I managed to squeeze a couple of shots off with my little minox 35.

Where it all began

I digged through my records yesterday and found this photo. This was the photo that started my photography obession a couple of years ago. I had just found a rangefinder camera at a second hand shop and from what the interent told me, anyone with a rangefinder has to shoot street photography! So I loaded my film and went out into the streets of Wellington. Due to a camera malfunction I only managed to get a few frames, but this was one of them and I have been obessed with street photography ever since.

More later