Nothing special here, just snapped this while I was walking around Wellington last year. I used Ilford SFX film and a Nikon FE. I’m waiting on a new camera, film and chemicals so no new photos as of yet. I will keep you all posted!


The art of being drunk

Several months ago when I was living in Wellington still, I started a project on the  nightlife of Wellington. This soon morphed into a strange series of photos which looked at the state of the drinking culture within New Zealand. This was a huge departure from my  current style of photography, which mostly relied on being sneaky and quiet. Here I used the biggest flash gun I could find, in the hopes of blinding my subjects. Anyway here is the best one from the series. I hope you enjoy!

Harness racing fun

I have assigned a research project that has lad me to the Dunedin trotting club. Not knowing a damn thing about trotting I dived head first and to be quiet honest I have met some wonderful people. This is a portrait of Alan Clyma, a man with a true passion for horses. I dont think photo does him justice but it is a nice photo of him, enjoy!

Toy Camera Photography

Cheap plastic lens, tape holding the camera together, three apertures! These are the utter joys of toy camera photography. Most people use the Holga camera but I’m lucky enough to have a original Diana camera which has been modified with a Kodak deep red filter. Here is a series i did for my friend who is very passionate about those classy Vespa scooters

Here is the the link if the above photo is too small…..


Shooting from the Hip

From most of my photos you have seen i tend to display photos with quite strange compositions. I have to admit with some of my street work I don’t really tend to look through the viewfinder much. As soon as a photographer draws a camera to his/her eye they are easily spotted. In my opinion that would destroy any natural behavior. Its the natural behavior I want to document so like many street photographers I have adopted what is called ‘shoot from the hip’. Arguments of objectivity and viewfinders be damned, here is the latest photo I have taken, shot with a minox 35GT with Ilford HP5+ (the only film that matters!)

Shooting in the Street

Street photography is a precursor to modern photojournalism and has its roots within the humanist school. It was originally a way of documenting the real life around us in a completely objective way. Pretty soon the streets were filled with photographers dancing in and out of the crowds, trying to get that one shot of human behavior. A study in truth, behavior, and the very essence of being human. All these things are important in street photography. This is the kind of photography I like to look at, but more importantly love to shoot. I approach shooting humans much like a wildlife photographer would a elusive deer: Silent and quick.

Here are some examples of my street work